Recognizing major contributions of Organizational Psychology to human capital, we have developed this website not only for the benefit of organisations but also fresh graduates who have newly qualified in one of the disciplines in Psychology and are looking for guidance in pursuing a career that requires practical knowledge in Industrial/organisational psychology.

To Your Success

Selva Sugunendran

Personnel make it possible for a company to execute its plan, its goals, and its purpose. While chief executive and his officers set directions for the company, the effectiveness of the personnel to do their duties is still the most important element that links the company’s goal with success. In here, organizational psychology becomes very helpful. The principles and concepts of organization psychology help companies develop people, motivate them, and provide venues for their growth.

Because OP has sets of guide and effective mechanisms to improve the functions and the skills of human capital, it becomes a crucial factor in keeping the personnel aligned with the goals and directions of an organization. The development of human resources may come in the form of training, personal development, and skills that would help them cultivate a sense of ownership of the company they belong to. These venues keep employees find meaning and value to their work as they come to realize their potential as a person as well as a part of a bigger group.

Through different developmental programs that are aligned with OP, personnel are motivated to perform the tasks that are expected from them regardless of their position or job description. With the help of the principles and concepts of OP, the company enables its people to move toward its goal as personnel understand the benefits they can get from following a specific and uniform system. Because of this, personal growth of every human capital is ensured. The company’s recognition of the importance of OP in developing human resources, therefore, is warranted.

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