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Use Of Hypnotherapy In The Practice Of Organizational Psychology

By: Selva Sugunendran CEng,MIEE,MCMI,CHt,MIMDHA,MBBNLP

Hypnotherapy, as the name implies, is basically a therapy session that would involve putting the subject under hypnosis. Hypnosis has been used by a lot of people for various reasons, some to get over their phobias, others to recall certain events or details that they can’t seem to remember, while others simply use hypnosis for relaxation purposes. One use for hypnotherapy actually has something to do with organizational psychology.

In order to understand what the use of hypnotherapy is in the practice of organizational psychology, you need to understand certain aspects of hypnotherapy first. Here are a couple of things that you must know.

1. When Is A Subject Hypnotized?

In order for hypnotherapy to work, the therapist needs to be able to put the subject in a ‘hypnotized’ state. Usually, when a person is put in a state of hypnosis, the subject is actually very susceptible to suggestion, or hyper-suggestible, hence, they can be easily persuaded to think, do, or feel basically almost anything that the therapist would want them to. While the subject is in this state, he might have an inclination to display unusual propensities and characteristics that a normal person may not necessarily show, and these actions could be influenced.

2. Who Uses Hypnotherapy?

The person who uses hypnotherapy on their subjects are what we would call hypnotherapists. Hypnotherapists basically use hypnotherapy as a tool to help their clients achieve their set goal by means of subconscious influences to their behaviours. They firstly try to determine the cause of the client’s problem. The hypnotherapists then try to induce the clients in a state of hypnosis, all depending on the client’s level of physical and emotional suggestibility. The hypnotherapist then performs certain hypnotic procedures to address the client’s needs and problems.

3. What Is The Purpose Of Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapists use hypnotherapy to try and modify certain behavioural traits, emotional state, and could even involve modifying certain conditions and problems that could be hindering the subject’s ability to function normally or properly in society, such as phobias, dysfunctional habits, and even illnesses.

4. What Are The Benefits Of Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy actually has a number of benefits, but the most common benefit of hypnotherapy is that it allows the subject to get into a certain state to help him address whatever problems he or she may currently have. For example, if a person has a phobia of elevators, but he needs to get to a certain floor in a building that is only accessible through the use of elevators, undergoing hypnotherapy could actually help the subject eliminate his fear of elevators, thereby allowing him to overcome his problem.

5. How Is Hypnotherapy Used For Organizational Psychology?

Hypnotherapy can have a great impact in organizational psychology, as this form of treatment could help alter a person’s behaviour or mental state to one that is more favourable to whatever situation he may be in. Hypnotherapy will give them the ability to be able to think creatively for solutions to their problems, as well as give them the necessary push and aid in order to be able to perform and do all that they think they need to do in order to achieve their goal.

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