Why Get a Degree in Work and Organizational Psychology?

The kind of psychology applied to companies or organizations and in the workplace is called organizational psychology. It is known by many other names such as work psychology, occupational psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, and personnel psychology. Organizational psychologists help in the success of an organization by enhancing the well-being and work performance of its people or employees. These psychologists do a lot of research to find out how they can improve the attitude and behavior of employees by means of training programs, hiring practices, and feedback systems.

Organizational psychology has its roots in social psychology. This is why psychologists in such field study how work environment affects peopleís performance and other outcomes like health and job satisfaction. Among the research and practice areas involved in organizational psychology are:

o          Performance management and appraisal

o          Job performance

o          Personnel recruitment

o          Compensation

o          Individual assessment

o          Work motivation

o          Life and work balance

o          Executive coaching

o          Organizational development

o          Training

o          Psychometrics

o          Job design

o          Team performance

Online Work and Organizational Psychology Degree

If youíre the type of person who wants to take your human resources skills to a higher level, then you can consider getting an online degree in Organizational Psychology. Experts in such field are preferred by top corporations who want to unleash the highest potential of their employees.

Once you already have a degree in Work and Organizational Psychology, youíll immediately find yourself at the forefront of all human resources tasks. Aside from big companies, you can also work for Nonprofit Organizations that are in need of professionals who can apply organization psychology to their people, particularly the management team. Since funds are now becoming hard to get, nonprofit organizations are usually searching for experts who can dedicate leadership skills and knowledge in the field of budget and finance and in organizing their boards.

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